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Other Team Building Cruise Themes

Below are just a few examples of activities that we can do on board that are not sail related. We can also customize packages for your particular organization depending on numbers of people and what aspects of team building you would like to address.

Hawaiian Themed

At boarding we will hand out lays that go around each person’s neck. During the cruise we will announce the person that can collect the most lays from everyone will receive a prize. The group is split into pairs and each pair is given a sheet with a list of questions. The questions range from ones related to your company or organization to ones that they must find the answers from other guests. Such as "Who has been to Hawaii?", "What year was your company founded?".

This encourages all of your guests to mingle and talk with each other to find the answers. The winner will receive a small prize after the scores have been tallied up. Limbo Competition We will have staff hold the limbo stick and encourage guests to participate doing the limbo. A small prize will rewarded for the winner.

Win, Lose or Draw Sail Addition

We will split your group up into smaller teams and select a drawer in the group. It will be the drawers' job to draw different items on an easel from cards provided by us. On the cards there will be items related to boats and things related to your company or organization. The drawer will not be allowed to talk whilst drawing the items and the rest of their team will have to try and guess what the item is that they are drawing from their drawing ability only. There will be a time limit of 3mins to try and draw as many cards as possible. When the time is up the next team will take to the floor. After all the teams have had their turn we will either run another round or reward the winning team.